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Volunteers are needed to help with food for our annual lunchtime party Sunday 30 June. If you are coming please let us know by signing up at the back of the Church. The idea is for each volunteer to bring along on the day just 1 plate/dish of food. Food will need to be brought to the Community Centre by 11.00am on the day, or if you can’t make it by that time, then please bring it with you straight after the Mass. Please feel free to prepare whatever dish you wish choosing a main course, salad/side or dessert, particularly if you have a national dish you would like to share with the parish. When choosing a dish, however, please bear in mind that the Community Centre has no refrigeration, cooking or heating-up facilities, so your dish will have to be one that can be left out. Please make sure it is covered with cling-film or foil. All plates should have your name on the bottom, and we would ask that you take your plate back with you at the end of the day. There will be no need to bring serving spoons or forks as these will be provided. As you can imagine there will probably be quite a lot of clearing up to be done once the lunch party is over. If you can help with this, and/or the setting up, please indicate on the food signing up sheet. Many thanks & look forward to seeing you on Sunday 30 June! The Parish Pastoral Council. (PPC).


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